Ram Gopal Varma Praises Sr.NTR

Ram-Gopal-VarmaRam Gopal Varma popularly known for his controversies in the film industry has targeted Legendary actor Sr. NTR this time. But this time it is all praises about Sr. NTR with regard to his acting profession and as a good politician also.

RGV when interviewed by a reporter told that in his opinion he compares Sr. NTR with the 11th personification of God. He also stated that whenever he thinks of God, he immediately remembers Sr. NTR and this may be because of the God roles that he had played and created that godly impression in me.

He also added that as a human being Sr. NTR had far more better qualities than Lord Sri Rama and Lord Krishna. RGV is very busy with his film ICE CREAM which is going to be ready soon.

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