Rana feels Allu Arivind as Villain in His life!

Rana feels Allu Arivind as Villain in His life,Rana ,Allu Arivind Mega Producer Allu Arvind is said to be  key man for mega family and he takes care the entire Mega family. Even Megastar Chiranjeevi banks on him a lot for his advices.
Rana Daggubaiti, while talking at SIIMA 2016 awards,made few interesting comments on Mega Producer. “I’m happy to receive this Best Villain award from the villain of my life”, he said, pointing towards Allu Arvind. “Because during childhood, I’m not scared of my dad, and Charan is not scared of his dad, but we both are scared of Arvind. If we bunk school, he makes sure that everyone knows about it”, Rana added, entire auditorium burster in laughs.

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