Rana – Trisha partied recently at Goa?

trishaThis might come as a surprise for many Trisha and Rana fans , as how could they party together when they parted their ways hardly a couple of months back. But, to your surprise, it is true that both the handsome hunk of Tollywood ,Rana and Chennai beauty Trisha had a blast at Goa very recently. In fact, Trisha Krishnan’s fiancée Varun Manian was also present in that party it seems.

When a couple of media persons poked Rana about this, he once again clarified that there wasn’t any affair between him and Trisha and the break up drama was created just by media and has no truth in it. However, Rana said that he’s tired of explaining how there was no truth in their link-up rumours. “It was fictional link-up and it cropped from nowhere. Although I gave a detailed explanation on this time and again, simply media mentioned it as I denied rumours.”

And once for all, Rana has set the record very straight by saying “One has to put a lot of time and effort for a relationship which I can’t afford. I can’t maintain a relationship at this juncture of my life.” Rana added that his focus is right now on his career.

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