Randhirr to be seen in a ROMANTIC avatar in his next

_MG_5612Let us go back to college days. Were there any affairs in your student life?
If I say no, people do not believe it. They ask why a good-looking guy did not have love affairs. So I will say that there were many girls who loved me, but I had no time to look at them…

How do you seal a project?
My job is to choose the right team for each of my films. I look at each project from the viewpoint of the audience. I represent them. When we put the right talent from the storywriter to the director, there is little chance of a project failing. When we respect the audience, all of us will benefit. A film’s success thus will not benefit the leading man alone. I am also lucky to get the right team for my films, mostly youngsters with vision.

And there are so many first-time directors you work with…
I am an assistant to each of my directors. You need to know and understand your directors. By being their assistant, I can suggest anything I know of and learn a lot from them. That said, I am not looking at a career beyond acting now. I have lots to do as an actor.

Has there been any time you felt you made a wrong choice?
I always wanted to be an actor. When my school teachers asked about our preferences, I was the only one who said, ‘I want to be a ‘hero’.’ I had no second thoughts. Whatever I did in life was to promote my dream. When I was doing Happy Days people said I was at my peak and asked me to buy a car. But I spent all my money on clothes because I knew I wanted to do films. When money was short, I tried my hand at selling sites briefly. It was a failure. But it had nothing to do with me trying a different career. I was shoring up money for my film career.

Why not try out other language films?
I am not against acting in other languages. A person who knows swimming can swim in any lake. But as actors, we need to take our industry to a certain level before venturing out.Now i am concentrating on Other Languages too.

What do you do between films?
I am always working on my future films. I do not want to look back at the films that are done. It has been one month i completed shooting Tamil film. In this month, I have been involved with a few future projects. As I said, I have a small world. My family and friends from my childhood are the only other concerns.

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