Raviteja’s sudden weight loss has a purpose behind

Ravi-Teja-Tamanna-Raashi-Khanna-Bengal-TigerEverybody was shell shocked to spot Mass Maharaj Raviteja at “Lick-2” movie launch event, that took place a couple of weeks ago at Hyderabad. Most of them thought that if Raviteja was suffering from any illness etc. But NO , says our sources. As per the reports from our sources, it is learnt that Ravi Teja has lost oodles of weight all of a sudden to look thin for “Kick-2”, in which he will have to sport a think look in a flash back episode it seems. Director Surendr Reddy made it clear to Ravi Teja to losing weight is a must to the film it seems.

A close source from the unit says “In order to look younger for the son’s character, Raviteja has lost 6 kgs weight. Afterwards he will put weight again to shoot for other parts. Continuous workouts and diet helped him achieve this”. Let us wait and watch if these incredible efforts of Raviteja can help “Kick-2” repeat the magic of “Kick” ?

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