“Reason why we love you PK” say fans

Pawan Kalyan photos jpg (25)Everyone was busy watching the live audio coverage of “Gopala Gopala” yesterday on a couple of channels back home. And thousands of fans were gathered at the audio launching venue . Most of them were still stuck outside as they didn’t get passes to get into the venue. There occurred a tragic incident where Kanna Srinivas (PK fans association president from Guntur) was severely stabbed on his neck by few angry fans who were denied to be give away the entry passes. And this has lead to a high drama by many fans and police. Immediately the victim was rushed to a near by hospital.

And to the doubts of many fans, Pawan Kalyan didn’t even utter a word about the incident. Many of them thought he might have ignored considering it to be a small issue and few thought that PK was not aware of the incident. But the truth is entirely different, as per our sources. In fact, Pawan Kalyan came to know about the incident as soon as he reached the venue and was waiting outside till he got the confirmation news of the victim’s health was steady and fine. As soon as he got the news from the hospital, then only Pawan stepped inside the hall it seems.

And this great gesture by this star hero moved his fans to tears and making them shout ” reason why we love you Powerstar”. Why not?

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