Record collections for “Pataas” on day one

pataas1Making all his fans happy, Nandamuri Kalyan Ram bounced back with “Pataas” that was released yesterday . As per the trade reports, “Pataas” has got decent opening shares on day one. The film has received positive reviews from the critics. According to our trade analysts, given the magnitude of the film’s release, Patas is expected to mint around Rs 3 crore worldwide, on the very first day.The actual figures yet to be out but the estimated amount was highest in Kalyan Ram’s career.

As the response is good from the audience, “Pataas” is expected to mint money in the coming three days. Due to high demand from audience and positive response distributors adding the new locations all across the state.

Not only in Andhrapradesh and Telangana states, but also Patas getting very good response in USA from all the locations. “pataas” is being considered as the biggest hit of Kalyan Ram’s career till date.

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