Reddy girl spotted with her baby bump

Sameera REddyIt will always be an interesting news for fans to check about the updates of their beloved heroines pregnancy reports and stuff. Recently before Genelia delivered a baby boy, everyone was so curious to know and see the baby bump of the cute heroine. Same like, since a few months many of Sameera Reddy fans have been waiting to spot that baby bump of this beautiful Reddy girl.

Sameera Reddy is more popular as Indian Jennifer Lopez for her sexy curves and grace in her dance moves. Sameera tied the knot with businessman Akshay Varde in January,2013 and ever since then ,she wasn’t seen much in public.

And now after a long time, she is spotted with the baby bump at an airport where her husband Akshay helping Sameera walk by holding her hands. By looking at the belly of Sameera, we can estimate that she is going to deliver a baby soon.

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