Renu Desai supports the filthy “AIB” show

1413208181_renu-desai-2We all know that Pawan Kalyan’s ex wife Renu Desai is very active on social networking sites like faceboo and twitter by sharing her views so bluntly all the time. She recently has shared her views on the controversial show “All India Backchod” (AIB) knockout as well, and to everyone’s surprise she supported it.

Renu Desai has backed AIB and ridiculed the people, who are criticizing the show. She tweeted, “Songs like Sheela ki jawani & Honey singh songs r ok & can be played by young kids during Ganpati also. but one AIB roast gets everyone hyper & all ppl who got offended with words like Mother***, ass*** ,etc r behaving like holy saints as if since college they never used bad words !” Well, with her candid tweet, she made everyone think that she has a point.

What do you think folks?

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