Reshma making her way to Malluwood

Reshma N ew Stills (9)There will be certain ironic situations for few heroes and heroines as though they make their debut with a super hit flick, they still fail to cement their places in film industry . One of such actresses is Reshma Rathore, who made her debut in Tollywood with Maruthi’s super hit flick ” Ee Rojullo”. But unfortunately, she could not continue her success streak further and hence she lost her place in the race. With her close resemblance to Trisha, few film makers shown interest to rope her in their films . But after a couple of duds, everybody started ignoring her. But she still has two flicks in her hand in the names of ” Jeelakarra Bellam” and ” Nuvvakkada Nenikkada” .

As per the latest buzz, now Reshma is trying to check her luck in Malluwood it seems. She is picked up for a key role in a Malayalam film, in which yesteryears beauty queen Ramkya Krishna too playing a main role. Let’s see how good Mallu audience receive Reshma?

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