RGV again creates a mess with his tweets

Ram-Gopal-VarmaOne would wonder what Ram Gopal Varma would do if he is banned from twitter?He might take facebook seriuosly, or he might choose different ways to rub his arrogance or intelligence on public for sure. There won’t be any single day where we won’t see any controversial tweets by RGV. Recently, Pawan Kalyan’s fans vented out their anger on maverick director Ram Gopal Varma for his double entente tweet. While heaping praises on Shankar’s upcoming magnum opus I, Varma gently expressed his doubt about PK which don’t go well with Pawan’s fans as his film is also scheduled for Sankranthi release.

RGV first tweeted, “Oh my God! I heard Shanker is coming on Sankrantri …I wonder what will happen to PK.”

As soon as he tweeted so, he was being taken pot shots by a few furious fans of Pawan Kalyan. And that made RGV tweet immediately giving clarification to his previous tweet. Varma wrote later “Lot of people seem to be thinking I meant Pawan Kalyan by P K but I only meant P K f Aamir which I thought will run forever.”

What do you think on RGV’s latest tweets folks?

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