RGV dislikes Pawan fans!

RGV dislikes Pawan fans!,RGVContraversial director Ram Gopal Varma , always quenches his thirst by being media savvy and targeting celebrities in all professions with his tweets.
For quite some time he has been taking on Power Star Pawan Kalyan and his fans many times so much so that furious Pawan Kalyan fans even faked his death and celebrated it on social media.
However RGV ghost didnot stop haunting him. Even as fans of Pawan Kalyan are happy with their hero giving full length interview to Anupama Chopra, Bollywood critic, who first time interviewed a South star, RGV came with satires on the interview.
When fans tried taking him on he came with the following tweets
“I love Pawan kalyan and God for different reasons and I hate devotees and P K fans for the same reason.

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