RGV gets a shock of his career

2014-10-25_443_Home_ranaThe most trending name online and also offline is Ram Gopal Varma. He always gives shocks to people, but he gets a shock finally. It is that Rana Daggubatti who has already acted in his direction was chosen for another movie. But Rana seems to move out of the project. The reason behind his act was Baahubali which is termed to be the most prestigious project being packed in all dates of Rana. Also Rana doesn’t want to deviate his attention and so dropped out of the project that has been titled “Golusu”. Even Rana is busy in Hindi also shooting for Akshay Kumar’s Baby.

However, Rana is been a hope for RGV’s next Golusu, which is being a mafia backdrop movie. He is presently acting in Baahubali which stars Anushka, Prabhas and many yester actors. However, this is surely a shock to RGV. May be even Rana is worried about the Adult mark to RGV’s direction and present is also scared of that image. So, Rana thought to be away from such kind of controversies because Rajamouli’s Baahubali will increase his stardom for sure believes Rana. Hope so!

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