RGV offended Mahesh fans with his tweets

ram-gopal-varma-rgv-mahesh-babu-businessmnaWhen we have to praise some one, we need not insult or degrade some other right? Any person who has that common sense wouldn’t dare to do that. But there is a person who does always quite opposite from which people think of him doing something else. Best example for that is, everyone thought RGV would take on NTR’s first look of Temper where he was showing off his 6 pack abs.

But surprisingly, RGV started praising NTR . No one would mind if he stops just praising him, but RGV compared NTR’s cop look to Mahesh’ in “Pokiri” and the film with “Businessman” . He reckons that NTR Jr’s Temper will go on to become such a huge hit that it will make Mahesh Babu’s Pokiri and Businessman look like flops.

When Mahesh fans started giving counters back to RGV like, “Are you trying to make a film with NTR or what? Why are you praising him so much…” etc, RGV took no time to answer those angry Mahesh fans ,tweeted ”Nd just in case ppl think my tweets on Temper r bout me wanting 2 do film with Tarak I have no capacity of jagan on how he “Temper”ed Tarak. Temper lo Tarak performance choosina tharvatha naaku ardhamayindhi Thanato cinema chese arhatha naaku ledhu theliyadhu (sic).”

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