RGV speaks about women and sex

can-rgv-swing-back-to-form-with-department--2f3118b9Its needless to say what is the stature of Ram Gopam Varm in the society and also what standards of thoughts he has , is a known fact. This talented film maker never minces his words at any cost . RGV is known for his outspoken nature on anything and also known for the controversies he draw every now and then. Now, this film-maker has crossed the lines of regular conduct and opened his heart in a special TV program in the Tollywood channel. Aptly titled as ‘Ramuism’, the program would be aired on Sunday at 11 am.

The other day RGV spoke about women and Sex in a chat show and the teaser of it released few days back and created ripples across the country. He has differentiated practically between lust, lovemaking, sex and also a woman’s perspective to it. In one of his previous episodes, Ramu spoke beautifully about death which cannot be denied by theists or atheists.

Many of them are eagerly waiting for that episode to be telecast, and it would be interesting to see what kind of controversies that RGV has to deal with in coming days. .

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