RGV talk show title “Pichi na Koduku”

can-rgv-swing-back-to-form-with-department--2f3118b9There is nothing to get shocked or surprised by looking at such news as everyone is well aware of Ram Gopal Varma and his stupid talks. Known for uttering shocking comments and poking fun at quite serious things, director Ram Gopal Varma always makes sure that his words garner him the much needed attention. Even after sitting infront of a legend like K Raghavendra Rao and beautiful former heroine Sridevi, he hasn’t given up his branded sarcastic words.

Ram Gopal Varma attended as special guest on Raghvendra Rao’s talk show “Soundaryalahari” for the episode featuring Sridevi as chief guest. Quite candidly, the show’s anchor Suma asked RGV, “If at all you start a talk show like Ram Gopal Varma, what will be the name of it?”

“Pichhi Na Koduku” -answered RGV, without even thinking for a split second.

A shocked Sridevi then reiterated, “What? Picchi Na Kodudu?”

Cutting her short, Suma then asked, “Will there be any tagline for it Sir?”

“Veedu Maaradu”, said Ramu. Well, definitely he isn’t changing!!

Most of them felt that RGV has chosen an apt title for his talk show..what do you think folks?

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