RGV tweets on ‘Baahubali’

rgv-rajamouliThe much awaited trailer of S.S.Rajamouli’s mega budget film ‘Baahubali’ was released in theaters from the morning shows on June 1st and online in the evening on the same day. The trailer has been trending all over the web and has been getting a huge response from its viewers.

This trailer has now become the new sensation of the Tollywood as well as Indian film industry and is shining above any other news on the internet. All celebrities are praising Rajamouli’s effort on the social networking sites for making this film a reality after two long years.

Even Ram Gopal Varma, the man of controversy also couldn’t help himself from praising the trailer and Rajamouli. He posted on Twitter saying –

–> “I don’t care what Bahubali’s cost is or what it will recover.It’s like TajMahal for Indian cinema and will be a reference point for decades.”

–> “To just commercially evaluate Bahubali will be an act of Blasphemy towards Indian Cinema.Bahubali for sure is a new chapter in epic of cinema.”

–> “To ideate,to visualize, to decide,to determine and to execute Bahubali, director needs balls of steel,heart of roses and mind of conqueror.”

–> “Want to thank u Rajamoulias a film lover for having the perseverance,patience and above all the persistence to turnur passion into Bahubali.”

–> “Watched Bahubali 70 out of 100 international scale and 500 out of 100 Indian scale.Thanks Rajamouli for pushing and lifting Indian films.”

Guess this is the first time RGV is seen praising a film maker like this. But ‘Baahubali’ deserves them. This film will release worldwide on July 10th in multiple languages. Stay tuned for more updates!

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