RGV’s next would be with Rana?

Rana-is-next-film-with-ramgopal-varma--id1_1414207667It looks like controversial and at the same time sensational director Ram Gopal Varma seem to be not listening to anybody these days. He is just following his heart like always. He is not leaving any artiste whoever comes on his mind. We have seen RGV making films with Manchu family artistes. And now it looks like he is now concentrating on Daggubati family once again.

As per the latest buzz, Daggubati Rana is decided to do a movie with Ram Gopal Verma. In the latest movie RGV planned a police role for Rana to make up his character in the movie industry. Earlier to this Rana appeared int he same role in RGV Department. Rana received many appreciations on his acting in this role. Considering this Rana is preparing his plans to do better job than earlier. Its come to know that the project named as Golusu. Its purely gangster based story. In this Rana acts as a super cop who faces Gangsters by daring his life.

The story of this project has been approved by Rana after recent chat with RGV. If everything goes fine the project will take on sets in next month. Ramesh Verma and Navin Mothy are makers of this movie. RGV quite confident on this story and expressed this will be a good project for Rana as like his previous movies Antham, Gayam,Raktha Charitra.

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