“Rudramadevi” climax is a worrying point for fans?

Anushka-Rudrama-devi-Photos-Rudrama-devi-Photos-Movie-Rudrama-devi-Photos-Anushka-in-Rudrama-devi-Photos-New-Movie-Rudrama-devi-PhotosWe are lost in talking always about one and only magnum opus of Rajamouli, “Baahubali:. But we usually forget to recollect that there is yet another big ticket flick that would hit the screens before “Baahubali” . And it is none other than talented Gunasekhar’s magnum opus “Rudramadevi” .
Many film critics say that “Rudramadevi” will definitely set new standards to not only Telugu but also Indian Cinema. That will be a biggest turning factor for everyone who worked for the film.

Coming to the point, Rudhramadevi is a real life warrior queen who was killed by her own army general Ambadeva through deceit. Now, the point is, will this film show till that end.

It is a proven fact that Telugu audience has never taken a liking to sad endings unlike the Tamil audience who chooses subjects close to reality. So, if an awesome beauty like Anushka is shown as getting killed, it would be tough for the audience to digest. Anyhow, we will know the truth once the film releases. Let’s wait and see.

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