Rumours on Pawan kalyan!

Pawan kalyan Meets Chiranjeevi Photos (41)There was a buzz in filmcircles about Pawan Kalyan have been doing rounds in the last couple of days. One of its rumours were he had a secret secret meeting with AP Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu in Singapore, The other one is Pawan’s leg injury on the sets while shooting for ‘Sardaar Gabbar Singh’.

The film maker Sharrath Marar clarifed through twitter saying: “#SardaarGabbarSingh Hyderabad schedule fast progressing and to continue till the end of the month. #PSPK keen on an early summer release”.

This clarification have ruled out any chances of Pawan Kalyan leaving for Singapore any time soon. Secondly, Shooting of ‘Sardaar’ will continue without any disruptions or delays.

Sharrath Marar, however, didn’t give a clarity on his injury.

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