Run Raja Run Review :A successful run for Sarwanand finally

Run Raja Run New wallpapers (1)Title : Run Raja Run (2014)
Star Cast : Sharvanand , Seerat Kapoor
Director : Sujeeth
Producer : Pramod Uppalapati, Vamsi Krishna Reddy
Music :Gibran
Releasing on : Augsut 1, 2014.

After a row of flops,young and talented hero Sarwanand had all his hopes on “Run Raja Run”which is released today on 1st August,2014 and got a positive talk so far. Let us see how did he run.


Movie opens with a kidnap of Bowenpalli C.I Sharma from his new house by a bunch of people wearing film stars masks . Minister Govinda Raju provides one crore that is demanded by the kidnappers. Entire state is shocked by the series of kidnaps followed by C.I ‘s kidnap,and that becomes a head ache for the police department. To chase mystery of those kidnaps,Commissioner Dileep Kumar will be appointed as a special officer.

On the other hand, Raja(Sarwanand) is a happy go lucky guy whose only interest is to set up a girlfriend for himself and just enjoy the life.But he fails all the time. During the course Raja happens to save Priya (Seerath Kapoor) from a chase ,who turns out to be the only daughter of the commissioner Dileep Kumar.

One fine day Dileep Kumar comes to know about his daughters affair with Raja,and wants to end their story by arranging her daughters marriage with Minister Govindaraju’s son. Hence, Dileep Kumar calls Raja to his place and assigns him a mission to kidnap any big shot in the city to trap the original kidnappers through him . To his surprise, Raja kidnaps Priya and throws a challenge to the commissioner.

After that, what would Raja do by kidnapping Priya and what he demands,and how would Commissioner react to his daughter’s kidnap. What is the intention behind Raja kidnapping Priya,why he has the grudge over commissioner ?How does Raja win his love forms the rest of the story.


With all the twists and turns in the second half,director Sujeeth has made “Run Raja Run” very interesting though the first half has nothing in it except some humor till the interval episode. Sujeeth has penned his story to perfection with sound screenplay in the second half by joining all the dots that were looked in complete till the pre-climax.

With a revenge plot of dumped cop Jayaprakash , audience get some clarity about the drama only at the end. Director was successful to make the audience bite their nails with his interesting narration.

“Run Raja Run” will definitely boost up the confidence of Sarwanand,who has been undergoing some tough times since a long time now.
Sarwanand’s new look and performance along with Adavi Sesh is the main strength of the film .


-Sarwanand has obviously stolen the show with his performance as it is a tailor made role for him. Sarwanand has been successful in showing the variation of his character in the second half compared to his funny innocent look in the first half.

– Debutante Seerat Kapoor has all the beauty and acting skills too as she looked very promising in terms of looks and performance. No doubts that Tollywood is to witness a decent actress with good looks and acting abilities in the near future. She has shown ease in her dialogue delivery and acting through out the film.

– Adavi Sesh ,one of the most talented artistes of TFI has done a very good job as a police officer . He definitely deserves a pat on his back for his efforts that he had put for “Run Raja Run”.

– Ali has shared his part with his cameo in the second half.

-Veteran artist Kota Srinivasa Rao has nothing to do much with his role as Minister,as he has done plenty of such in the past.But ,he lived his character .

-Rest of the artistes have all played their roles to perfection. Every one including commissioner has done their jobs well.

Technical Aspects:

-To begin with, music that is scored by Gibran is the biggest asset for the film. His background scores have elevated the feel of the movie,especially in the second half.
– Cinematography is fine.
– Director Sujeeth’s screenplay in the second half made sure that “Run Raja Run” look interesting .


– Fun through out the movie
-Dialogues by Sujeeth were good
-Gibran’s impressive music
-Gripping second half


-Little boring first half though there was fun in it.
-Second half has some lag ,as one gets an impression that director have taken ample time to reveal the mystery of the kidnaps.
– Unnecessary songs in the second half which have only disturbed the “Run” of the story at the time when it was picking up.

Final Verdict:

A definite one time watch for some timely funny scenes ,witty dialogues,Seerat Kapoor’s glamour , good screenplay and last but not he least, decent performance by Sarwanand himself,who never disappoints you through out the film.

TFPC rating 4 on the scale of 5