Sai Dharam Tej About His Marriage Plans

Hero Sai Dharam Tej is one of the most eligible Bachelors in Tollywood today. But then the actor is not in a hurry for marriage and has some strong views about marriage. In one of the interviews, the actor revealed his opinion about marriage and his future plans. “I am still trying to gain ground in Tollywood. I am not in a hurry to get married soon and I need atleast four years to settle down and then will try to get married. Marriage is a responsibility and it will happen only after I settle down. I love eating home food and every Sunday I wait for home cooked food by mom. I have vegetarian on Sundays as all the week I keep tasting non-veg,” Teju said.
Sai Dharma Teja recent release, Winner got to a good start in the first weekend of its release but then is carrying below average to average talk which makes it tough to sustain in the long run and recover the mamoth 30 Crore Pre-Release Business it has made.

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