Sai Dharam Tej following Bunny’s footsteps?

sai dharma teja (4)Hailing from a family which got huge filmy back ground, everyone must have thought that it would be a walk on cake for Sai Dharam Tej to enter Tollywood. No, its not actually,as Sai had to struggle a lot to make his debut. Sai has knocked on every film production office door with the photos in his hands. Though his supposed debut film ‘Rey’ hasn’t seen the light till date, Sai Dharam Tej has struck big time with his second film, and technically debut film ‘Pilla Nuvuv Leni Jeevitam’.

His performance and approach in PVLJ, reminds early days of Bunny’s films like “Happy” or “Arya”, where he impresses with his pranks and takes on the might of villain with his ‘brains’ than ‘brawn'( despite having a good physique) and finally, wins is lady love, to connect better with young viewers.

As a son for Mega Star, Ram Charan can carry the larger-than-life and tough roles and even megafans and masses approved his ‘dare-devil’ avatar, but Bunny rose to stardom step-by-step and took time to gain his stardom, by doing simple lover boy roles, before changing gears with Desamuduru. “Sai has to follow the same route since there is lot of competition and not easy to get instant stardom these days” adds a distributor. May be, Sai knows this much better than others.

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