Sakshi is breaking the net with Fire!

sakshi-sagar2Do you remember the original Ramayana that used to air on Doordarshan back in the 90s and its director Ramanand Sagar? Though, he is not here, but about his 19-year-old great granddaughter Sakshi Chopra. The youngster is quite a social media star, courtesy the pictures she posts on Instagram.

Not everyone knows that this was a legendary film and television director’s young great granddaughter is the one who is hitting headlines with her hot pics. She is singer Sakshi Chopra, daughter of producer Meenakshi Sagar. Taking more of her, we inform you that she is trained from the Trinity College, London and has a degree in western vocals. But, more than her songs and her knowledge of music, Sakshi is breaking the internet with her pics.

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