Salman enveloped Raviteja with a HUG

1280x720-EGqMass Raja Raviteja whose ‘Kick’ was re-made in Hindi by none other than Salman Khan met him finally. Both met at Mega Star Chiranjeevi’s 60th birthday celebrations. A source says, “Salman greeted Ravi Teja very warmly, with a hug and a smile, they spoke for quite a while. Salman was curious about the Telugu ‘Kick 2’ which has just released. When Raviteja told Salman about his double role in ‘Kick 2’ Salman said that he too was playing a double role in the ‘Kick’ sequel, though it would not be a re-make of Ravi Teja’s ‘Kick 2’.” Raviteja too told scribes “I don’t think Salman’s ‘Kick 2’- will be a remake of my film. I know the Hindi producers were waiting for ‘Kick 2’ to come out. But I think they’ve other plans.”

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