Salman has a daughter?

SalmanBollywood muscular man Salman Khan is very much known for his romantic affairs with his co-stars along with his stunning performances . He earlier had strong affairs with the likes of Aishwarya Rai, Katrina Kaif etc. And now recently a personal pic of his doing the rounds on internet in wide range.

The above picture shows Salman playing with a cute kid on road lying down. Apart from the cute kid and Salman ,another thing will catch your attention.It is the blonde head of a girl taking a picture of the star and the kid. Many say it was the picture of his foreign girl friend and Romanian model Lulia Vantur.

Though it is not clearly visible who that girl is, but many of them believe that the lady who taking the photograph is Lulia and the kid is born to her and Salman. Lulia is a popular TV anchor and well established actress in Romania.

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