Salman Khan gifts a puppy to his co-star

Salman Khan and animals seem to be building a strong relation in recent times! No, we aren’t talking anything wrong about Salman Khan but his good relationship with animals. A few months ago it was rumored that his Romanian girlfriend Iulia Vantur received a pony as a gift from Salman Khan.
Now what we hear from a Bollywood diary is that Salman Khan has gifted a puppy to his Tubelight co-star Zhu Zhu. It seems Salman Khan is impressed by her performance in the film and that has led him to extend his token of appreciation. Salman Khan and Zhu Zhu are a fresh pair in Bollywood who are working together for the first time, and this is indeed adding to the expectation of the film. The teaser of the film is said to release in mid-May, and the film is expected to hit screens for Eid 2017.

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