Salman Khan ‘Sultan’ Business details

SultanThe biggest film of the year is here and expectations are sky-high from Salman Khan once again. ‘Sultan’ is expected to be a box office blockbuster and anything less than Rs 225 crore (net, domestic) will be considered a disappointing total.
Since the entire film has been shot in India, Sultan isn’t a very expensive film. The cost of production, marketing and print combined is around 90 crore (trade estimate, not confirmed by Yash Raj Films). This does not include Salman’s acting fee, which is assumed to be the value of satellite rights. However, the superstar will also take a share from the profits.
Recovery will be easy for the film, but for event films like Sultan, it’s also about meeting trade expectations and getting recognised as a major success (in other words, we call it perception hit).
Sultan Business Economics:
Total Investment: ₹90 crore (cost of production, advertising, print)
Satellite rights: ₹55-60 crore (Sony, assumed to be Salman’s acting fee / marketing value)
Recovery from various other rights and branding: ₹15 crore
How much does Sultan need to collect for different box office verdicts (approximate figures):
Sultan will recover costs if it does ₹ 150 crore
If Sultan collects more than ₹ 160 crore: HIT
If Sultan collects more than ₹ 200 crore: Super Hit
If Sultan collects more than ₹ 240 crore: Blockbuster
If Sultan collects more than ₹ 300 crore: All Time Blockbuster
Note: Verdict will vary depending on how the film performs in the overseas markets too.

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