Salman seriously warned Karan Johar?

Salman-Khan-Case-NGODespite of having close relations with each other among the film celebrities, one might fall in unnecessary troubles by running their mouth on some one. Bollywoods one of the top film makers , Karan Johar has experienced it recently. Controversial youtube show AIB Knockout has led Karan to many problems to such an extent that B-town’s builder hero Salman himself called Karan and seriously warned it seems. Check out the story.

Earlier, the Maharashtra government had ordered Mumbai police to investigate the AIB Roast show for obscenity.Now as per reports Bollywood superstar Salman Khan reportedly expressed anger on host of the show and director Karan Johar.

The reason behind is that they targeted Salaman’s newly married siter Arputa Khan.When Karan, Ranveer and Arjun Kapoor on AIB show made Arpita a butt of many jokes at AIB Roast, Salman was seriously upset with distasteful and unacceptable humour.

Most of them laughed at it but not Salman Khan ,rather than taking it sportively he took it so seriously for making funny, ugly remarks on his sister Arpita. Even though the offensive portions were removed from the show when it was edited for YouTube, Salman is still upset.

More over Karan and Salman are working together on new film Shuddhi.As per sources Salman called Karan and warned him not to repeat the same. He also threatened to walk out of Karan’s film Shuddhi. Watch out Karan, he is Salman Khan.

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