Samantha about Future Projects!

Samantha launch T grill Restaurant Photos,Samantha launch T grill Restaurant Pics,Samantha launch T grill Restaurant Stills,Samantha launch T grill Restaurant,Samantha launch T grill,SamanthaTollywood dependable Heroine Samantha Ruth Prabhu who is all set to Yougn Hero Naga Chaitanya reveals with Joy and sorrow with the committments . “The day my marriage plans were announced, the offers dried up. Just like that! I was like… what happened? I am the same actress. I’ve given back-to-back hits throughout the year. My Tamil film 24 and my Telugu films A Aa and Janatha Garage were hits. So why am I suddenly being shunned?”

Later she herself answers ,“Producers are now murmuring, ‘How can we work with her? She is Nagarjuna’s daughter-in-law.” Ironically Nag is absolutely okay with a working daughter-in-law. “In fact,he asked me if I will continue to work? He was more worried than I was that I’d give up my career after marriage. I just need to dispel the Telugu and Tamil cinema’s insecurities about married actresses. I don’t know about others. But I am not going anywhere after marriage.”

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