Samantha and Chaitanya spotted again

Chaitu's Mother hurdle for His Marriage? ,Naga Chithanya Marriage With Samantha,Naga Chithanya Marriage ,Samantha Marriage,NagarjunaSometime back Samantha revealed that she is in love with a Hero and there will not be any problem to their marriage as the young hero’s parents have agreed for their alliance. The A..Aa Heroine refused to disclose who the young hero is. However many believe that it should be Naga Chaitanya.

Later ,a pic was leaked where they both watching ‘A..Aa..’ in a preview theater all alone. And now a video got leaked on to social media and in that, the couple seem to be enjoying fresh air in a balcony of some apartment. The video is going viral on social media and became a point of discussion every where. It seems, Nagachaitanya mother gave her nod to the marriage, however Chaitu waiting for Nag’s signal.

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