Samantha clarified on the differences of Nithiin

Nithin-Samanthas-A-Aa-releaseNithin and Samantha’s ‘A..Aa..’ is all to release tomorrow on Telangana Formation day . The makers are giving publicity in a Huge way. However the posters and Trailers indicate that Samantha is the star of the movie and will overshadow every others in the movie. Adding to that all the posters and hoardings are also filled with Samantha giving an impression. Nithin is just like a side kick in a heroine oriented film.
“Samantha was directly asked about it in a media interview, “I do not understand all this. I do not select roles depending on the co-star or director. I only look that if my role is strong enough or not and have depth for me to say yes to the project. I do not believe in doing all myself and will only take things as they come,” Samantha said.
She also clarified that there are no differences with Nithin. “He is a very close friend and we worked really hard to get the act right in the film. Our performances are going to be our career best,” Samantha concluded.

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