Samantha has a great sense of humor

samantha-bath-tubChennai girl Samantha and celebrity designer Neeraja Kona are good friends. Neeraja kona has been putting her photography skills to good effect lately. Kona is having a ball clicking the gorgeous Samantha and the results are pretty awesome.

Neeraja made Samantha sit in a bathtub all dressed up and needless to say Sam killed it in a magenta colored lehenga. Samantha also made a joke on Kona’s new found love by saying she hopes that the tap doesn’t leak while she is sitting in the tub with that beautiful designer dress.

“In between shots @neeraja.kona and her new found love for photography *mindvoice *ihopethistapdoesntleak” she posted on Instagram. Samantha has a great sense of humor.

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