Samantha Invites Entires For Woven 2017 Handloom Content

Samantha Invites Entires For Woven 2017 Handloom Content,Samantha Invites Entires For Woven 2017 ,Woven 2017 Handloom Content,Samantha ,Samantha Ruth PrabhuChennai Beauty Samantha is the brand ambassador for Handlooms, Telangana State. She is doing full justice to her role as handloom brand ambassador.

The Government is taking up a programme ‘Woven2017’ on the occasion of National Handloom day on August 7. Samantha came up with an interesting idea to raise awareness and interest among the common public. She tried to make common public participate in the Woven programme with the help of a contest.. and it is so simple. Whoever wants to participate in the programme have to give a fresh look to their mother’s handloom saree a new look and post to post their photograph along with their mothers pic.. and they have to add #ReviveHandloom.. #Woven2017 to the pic.

Samantha has posted her mother Ninette Prabhu pic in the twitter and asked the netizens to participate in the contest. She is going to pick five best looks from all the contestants and they will be given an opportunity to participate in Woven2017 event.

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