Samantha is “Most admired celebrity” now

SamanthaOf course, we all know that Chennai beauty Samantha is the most admired celebrity by fans since a long time now. But this beautiful lady was never awarded for that. But Mercedes Benz has recognized Samantha’s following down South and has awarded her with Ritz style award titled ” Most admired celebrity” . And here is the latest click of his sensuous beauty at the awards function, where in she is spotted sporting a glamorous look as usual ,flaunting her back to shutter bugs.

Among many top celebrities at Mercedes Benz Ritz Style Awards in Chennai, that was held last night, Samantha made her presenece felt with her gracious look in dark red coloured out fit. None of the guest could take their eyes off this beauty during the event. Samantha received this award for having millions of followers on twitter and her contribution to South Indian cinemas in the recent times.

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