Samantha learnt all that in five years it seems

samantha_south_actress-normal5.4Life is a big teacher, they say. Yes of course, as we get to know many things on our own once we start to exploring life. Even the film industry is also such a place, where it teaches many positive and negative lessons to whoever is willing to survive in the industry. After being in the Industry for 5 Years, Chennai beauty Samantha says that she also has learnt how to deal with success and failure. “One should have healthy respect towards the work they do! You needn’t worry about other aspects. I have learnt this from the bigwigs in the Industry,” says the actress.

“A success is very encouraging but I learnt how to fight back with failures. A lot of people praise me on daily basis but I make sure they don’t get to my head. I even come across criticism ever day but I don’t think about it much!,” she adds.

This glamour doll is awaiting her latest release in Tollywood ‘S/O Satyamurthy’. She is yet to sign any new projects after this Family Entertainer. She, however, is extremely busy in Tamil with films opposite Vikram, Suriya and Dhanush in the pipeline.

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