Sampoo deleted the Angered Tweets!

Shocking-Reason-Behind-Attack-on-Sampoornesh-BabuTollywood Burning star Sampoornesh Babu has angered on ATA, a Telugu association in USA, asking them not to treat actors as beggars and . In the mid night He deleted the tweets . Why did he delete the tweets -what  happened?
Sampoornesh  was invited for ATA celebrations in USA and one of the organizers reportedly scolded with abusive language on these small time actors and anchors with unprintables. Sampoo could not take it and expressed his angry. asking the organisers and association big heads to treat them properly. Popular anchor Anasuya too lend her hand of support to Sampoo’s version.
Not just Sampoo or Anasuya, there were many who experienced the same with one particular mediator who manages these shows in USA. Looks like the strong message from Sampoo gained a reach.

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