Sampoornesh Babu to endorse Harledy Davidosn?

SampuWell, did it sound like any joke for you folks? Though it did, it might come true one day who knows. Life has the habit giving the things that we never expect . Coming to the point, for any bike lover the final destination is to own a Harley Davidson and the craze and status symbol for this bike is so high and from celebrities to common man everyone wants this bike at their home.

The team of Harley Davidson showroom in Hyderabad had a surprise visitor yesterday. He is none other than Sampoorneesh Babu fondly known as Sampoo. Without hesitation Sampoo seated himself on bike and clicked himself.We don’t whether he came to own a bike or just visited to have a glimpse of the bike.

As Sampu already have enough craze in public to endorse a brand in the market, we need not be surprised if Harledy Davidson picks him up-to endorse their brand soon.

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