Sanjay Dutt’s Precious Gift Made His Sister Wept

Ever since Actor Sanjay Dutt’s biopic Sanju has released, fans are eager to know more and more about the life of Sanjay Dutt! While, Sanju skipped many facts about Sanjay Dutt inluding his two failed marriages, the films also didn’t showcase any special scene between Dutt and his sisters – Priya and Namrata Dutt.

In a coffee table book tribute Mr and Mrs Dutt – Memories of Our Parents, sister Priya and Namrata Dutt revealed how they tied rakhi to Sanjay Dutt when he was in jail and the latter’s gift had everyone crying. In August 1994, Priya Dutt had visited Sanjay Dutt in jail to tie rakhi on his wrist and revealing the emotional moment, she wrote, “We tied a rakhi on his wrist. Sanjay looked sad and said, “I have nothing to give (the two of) you … This is all I have….”. He gave them two-rupee jail coupons that he had earned through manual labour. Priya Has Preserved The Coupons As Mementos “It was an extraordinary emotional moment for us. Dad broke down. We held each other in a long embrace and wept, unburdening our hearts, before Sanjay was led back to his cell,” writes Priya, who has preserved the coupons as mementos.

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