Sardaar Gabbar Singh collects 29 crores of share worldwide

Sardaar Gabbar Singh CollectionsAs per the tweets of Sardaar Gabbar Singh director Bobby, the movie which was released with humongous hype has collected a share of 29 crores worldwide (21 crores in India + 3 crores Rest of India + 5 crores overseas). As per the USA distributor iDream, SGS has collected a gross of $643,785 ($616k from 155 reported location and the rest from 12 unreported locations) from the premieres of Thursday. The openings have become a shocking point among movie lovers and trade pundits as it has shown the kind of craze Pawan Kalyan has. For the most of territories in coastal belt, Sardaar Gabbar Singh has become the number one grosser on the day one. It’s either standing in 1st or 2nd position in terms of openings in all areas despite the mixed talk it has generated.



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