‘Sardaar Gabbar Singh’official teaser goes viral

Sardaar Gabbar Singh, Sardaar Gabbar Singh New Posters, Sardaar Gabbar Singh StillsPawan kalyan starrer ‘Sardaar Gabbar Singh’official teaser is released just a while back. It is the teaser consistes of powerful visuals. The title song is not that efficient as the title song of ‘Gabbar Singh’ but Pawan Kalyan masked it all with his mind-blowing energy throughout the teaser.
The opening shots on the bike and horse revealed the attitude of the character which will drive the fans and masses crazy. There is couple of other shots in the film – Pawan Kalyan dancing to the tunes of Brahmi and enjoying on a toy horse hinting that the comedy quotient in the film will hit the roofs.
The Teaser in the official Youtube Channel of North Star Entertainments is being flooded with ‘Likes’. The teaser struck chord instantly with the fans and it is trending in Twitter and Facebook. It is no exaggeration to say the hype and expectations on the film just got increased by multiple folds with this teaser.

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