Saudi prince offered her 1 $US per night

Kim-Kardashian-Paris-Fashion-Week-Balmain-Valentino-Instagram51She is the sexiest lady one could have seen in their lives. Yes, she is none other than Kim Kardashinan. Known for her sexy acts in tv and also hot videos with her boyfriend, Kim is popular across the globe. With those sexy butts behind, she has made the youth across the globe go sleepless many nights. Naturally many of them will be eyeing on her to date. According to rumour mills she has been offered a whopping $1 million from a Royal Saudi family member.

Del Al Otaib, so called member of Rolay Family posted on her instagram a message ‘one million per night’. and followed ‘I’m Saudi and I’ll pay you one million per night Mai’.

This is not the first time, Kim got such offers. Kim Kardashian, wife of Kanye West was offered $ 500,000 to party at a club in Vegas. She earlier accepted billionaire Richard Lugner’s invitation to accompany him as a date to a Vienna Ball for a sum of $ 500000/.

It is not known whether Kim has accepted the deal yet.

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