Save My Husband from the Actress!

downloadA Chennai resident,Umadevi, lodged a complaint against Actress Radha at the Chennai Police Commissioner Officer.

The content in the complaint was , Umadevi Husband Munivel is having an extra-marital affair with ‘Sundara Travels’ Actress Radha. Radha tried to come in between her and her husband and separate them forever. So, she had lodged a complaint with Women Police Station in the past. Upon receiving the complaint, Cops have given counselling to her Husband and Radha. From then, Radha kept making phone calls to her husband frequently to ruin their happiness. Radha even tried to tarnish Umadevi reputation with link-up rumors.

Umadevi appealed Cops to save her family from Actress Radha & put an end to the extra-marital affair.

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