Selfie saved My life:An Actress Experience

vidyullekha RamanRecently Vidyullekha Raman had a harrowing experience at a five star hotel lobby in Vienna where she lost her bag containing passport, money and other valuables. She is back home now and we talk to the chirpy actress to find out how she is.
Vidyu says, “I went to Prague and Vienna for a holiday with my friends and cousins. We were in Vienna for a couple of days, went to Prague and came back to Vienna as my flight back home to Chennai was from there. As we were entering the five star hotel lobby, two men approached me asking for directions and I replied saying I am a tourist and I don’t know.
I had my suitcase in the trolley and the bag containing all the valuables was on top of this. Then I walked into the hotel, these two men again came to me with the same question. I got pretty annoyed and told them to approach someone. It was during this time, the other man grabbed my bag from my side and put it in a black cloth bag and ran out through another exit. The place was in fact buzzing with activity with many hotel staff also around. When I looked for my bag for my passport to check in (ID proof), I realized it was missing. I was devastated. The CCTV footage clearly revealed the act by these men. I immediately complained to the police but they were not hopeful.
I also contacted the Indian Embassy who was very helpful and nice. In the same evening they made sure that I got my emergency passport.
In a way, I am happy that I got home safe and sound because we hear about so many mugging, shooting and killing incidents. I am thankful I just lost my bag. In fact, I took out my mobile phone from bag to take a selfie which helped me contact people. Otherwise, I would have lost my phone too. You can say, a selfie saved me”.

On the professional front, Vidyu is very happy that her recent release in Telugu, Sarainodu is fetching her good name.

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