Senior actor pulled Junior’s legs

Vennela KishoreFew actors remain silent , few actors would be busy in reading books, few actors would be busy with their phones on sets. But there are few actors who love to make buzz, who just cannot sit idle for few minutes too. To mention a few of such artistes, Brahmaji, Vennela Kishore and comedy king Brahmanandam. These three love to pull each others legs,crack some good jokes with colleagues, play pranks etc. Here is one such pic which tells the story.

The gang of comedians seems to be having a blast while shooting in a house set. Watch Brahmaji pulling the leg of Vennela Kishore and Comedy King Brahmanandam had a hearty laugh watching this unusual moment. Sharing the picture, Vennela Kishore wrote: “Pulling my leg since morning ya”.

Because of the pep they bring in the sets with their humour, every hero and director likes to work with these artistes.

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