Senior hero sells his properties to clear debts?

RajaShekar-Gaddam-GangGood times and tough times come and go one after the other in life. All that we have to do is, act wise in all the given circumstances rather than getting depressed and taking too much of pressure just for nothing. Senior hero in Tollywood, Dr. Rajasekhar and his wife actress / director Jeevita have that maturity . With their latest venture “Gaddam Gang”, Rajasekhar had to bear huge financial losses, as the movie did not run well at the box office .

They know that it won’t be a good feeling to undergo such a painful life. Hence they have decided to sell of their flat in Chennai and clear their debts it seems. A
Made with an investment of Rs 4.5 Crore, Gaddam Gang is a complete wash out. Since they have bought the remake rights of the Tamil film “Soddhu Kavvum” after it transferred three hands, and roping in cast like Raghu Babu, Naga Babu, their budget shot up.

“Rajasekhar and Jeevitha pinned high hopes on the film. As it bombed diminishing their expectations, they decided to sell their spacious flat in Chennai. They’re waiting for right price,” said a source in the know.

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