Sex bomb speaking about soul sex?

4gsluov1lv0pgmxl3ox3_400x400Now one must be wondering like what is this soul sex all about right? Well, for this, the sex bomb of Bollywood Sherlyn Chopra has her own theory. Let us find what it is?

After getting shot to fame with her unpublished dare-bare photo shoot for Playboy magazine, and some nude acts in unreleased “Kamasutra 3D” movie, Sherlyn became a household name in India. Giving explosive interviews to media houses is always a game for her. Speaking in a recent interview, she stated that soul sex fascinates her a lot. What is this soul-sex anyway?

Giving an explanation , Sherlyn said “Soul sex means tasting one’s thoughts, ideas, notions, sentiments and temperament rather having physical intimacy”, And to everyone’s surprise, Sherlyn went on adding that her preferable partner for soul sex is women. Also she reiterated that having physical relationship with a woman is best than a man. What is Sherlyn trying to say finally? Is she a lesbian or what?

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