Sex bomb’s controversial comments on senior actor

Ompuri-Mallika ShearawatBy looking at a tempting beauty like Mallika Sherawat, who would sit idle instead of flirting with her? So is the case with everyone whomever she came across so far it seems. In a recent TV interaction, Mallika Sherawat commented that even a senior and aged actor like Om Puri , couldn’t resist his temptation when she is around. Lets read that in Mallika’s own words.

As the anchor asked this hottie, if there are any men in the world who didn’t try to flirt with Mallika Sherwat, the proud beauty instantly says there is none.

“Every man I met tried to flirt with me. Even recently Om Puri saab did the same. As we are acting together in a movie now, he used to dye his hair and look younger. If not for impressing me, what is that for?”, Mallika asked. Her latest film happens to be ‘Dirty Politics’ that revolves around real life sex-scandal.

Well, isn’t this dark beauty looking a little over confident about her assets?

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