Sexy beauty has threat for her life?

free_sneha_ullal-520x390This is really a tensed incident that took place on the other day that ,a stalker tried to trespass into hot and sexy Sneha Ullal’s abode. Here are the details of the disturbing incident. As per the latest reports we learnt that, a stalker tried to enter Sneha Ullal’s residence in Bandra of Mumbai on Saturday morning. A fight took place between the stranger and security guards for some time until the locals grabbed him and handed him over to cops. The man claimed Sneha Ullal has invited him to her house and they even got married.

Reportedly, Sneha Ullal has been receiving calls from a stranger who claims to be his fan since 3 months. After some time, The actress blocked his number but the man tried to annoy her by calling her with different numbers. He even came to her house the day after Vinayaka Chavithi and Sneha Ullal was shocked to say the least as no one other than her close friends knows about her residence.

As Sneha Ullal tried to ignore him, The stalker threatened to her and doesn’t even spare my family members. It was then she complained to cops and also narrated the whole story to Salman Khan who happens to be her first film co-star.

Post Saturday’s incident, Sneha Ullal was traumatized and she claims it takes time to get back to normalcy. She also stopped stepping out of her house alone since a month.

Police are yet to find out the exact reasons behind this terrifying incident.

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