Sexy beauty made it to headlines for bad reasons

lisahaydon-1Recently, Lisa Haydon had made headlines for all the wrong reasons. During an interview to a tabloid she was asked there is truth in the rumors of her link-up with Varun Dhawan, To this the hottie replied, “Don’t Varun have a girlfriend that he is engaged to? I am so single right now.”

Following the ‘slip of tongue’ moment, Lisa Haydon has to issue a clarification to put everything to rest, “I Am Single! Varun Dhawan is NOT engaged. Enough misinterpreting. Over. Please?”

Soon, Varun Dhawan who is much relieved commented, “Lisa Haydon this really cracked me up. Next I’ll have children. best of luck with Shaukeen miss Haydon.”

Lisa Haydon shaked her leg for ‘Racha’ title song and proved her mettle with Bollywood flick ‘Queen’.

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